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The Last of Us: 50 Changes and Improvements – Part 5

The Last of Us: 50 Changes and Improvements – Part 5

Part 1 – The Story, Survival
Part 2 – Penalties, Clickers within the Fancy Lodge
Part three – Enhancing On The Uncharted Method: Animation, Digital camera, Graphical Element
Part Four – Enhancing On The Uncharted Method: Lighting, HUD, AI
Part 5 – Enhancing On The Uncharted Components: Audio, Craftwork, Gameplay, Story


Fairly merely put the audio in The Last of Us is astounding. There’s hardly a single second in all of the footage proven so far the place there isn’t a deal with for the ears. Delicate environmental sound results, respiration, grunts and groans and music fill the in any other case void between the extra apparent sounds of gunshots, dialogue and basic motion.

Frogs, bugs, birds and wind are used to set the desolate, taken over by nature, really feel of open areas and particular person bugs and birds could be heard as they fly previous. There are definitely many extra sound results in comparison with Uncharted three. Nice element could be heard in routine actions like brushing towards objects, carrying a ladder, the burning wick and sloshing contents of a Molotov cocktail, the creaks and groans of a damaged staircase, the clink of bullets as you unload a discarded weapon and respiration and guttural sounds that create a extra private expertise, notably throughout fight sequences. The truth is nearly each audio enchancment was made to make the sport expertise extra immersive and extra private.

The voice work and characterization is prime notch with convincing supply, one thing that fell brief in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune however was tremendously improved in Amongst Thieves and Drake’s Deception. In The Last of Us Joel’s dialogue (and movement) is performed by actor Troy Baker with some improvisation and grammatical errors left in to enrich Joel’s unpolished character. Ellie’s character is performed by Ashley Johnson, and whereas Ashley is sort of a bit older than the 14 yr previous Ellie, the voice work is nice. Recording a number of actors collectively on the mocap stage and within the sound sales space has payed dividends.

A guidelines based mostly situational branching dialogue system has been created to string collectively the vocal recordings from the library of every character in a pure means by analyzing what occasions have simply occurred, who has the higher hand, and within the case of Joel and Ellie, how a lot ammo you could have and what you’re taking a look at. One superb scene within the PAX demo performs out the natural gameplay, although rigorously demoed to point out the complete impact, like this:

Joel: Waits behind a cupboard in a darkish hallway as a wandering lead hunter approaches
Lead hunter: Manages to get out “What the f*ck!” as Joel leaps out and strikes him down with three blows from a brick in a failed silent assault.
Hunter 1: Enters the hallway to research the noise and on seeing Joel standing over the physique of one of his buddies yells “Oh, sh*t!” and squeezes off a nervous shot, lacking.
Joel: Pulls out his revolver.
Hunter 1: Flees, yelling “He’s got a gun, he’s got a gun!”
Joel: Follows hunter 1, shoots, killing him.
Hunter 2: “F*ck!”
Hunter three: Panicking, “How many are there!?”
Hunter 2: “I only saw one!”
Joel: Runs previous the doorway of a room close to the hunters.
Hunter three: Shoots and misses, the shot ricocheting off the door as Joel geese, yells “There! He’s right by the door!”
Joel: Goals at hunter three who geese. Fires a shot, lacking, as Ellie, now becoming a member of him on the opposite aspect of the doorway, geese when the shot startles her. Joel enters the room and hides behind a cupboard.
Hunter 2: Peeks twice by way of the doorway then dashes throughout to hitch hunter three.
Joel: Fires a shot at hunter 2, lacking. Joel is now out of ammo however the hunters don’t know that.
Hunter Four: Sneaks up behind Joel, grabs his capturing arm, slams his head into a cupboard and holds him from behind. “I’ve got you now asshole.” Calling to hunter three who’s now aiming at Joel, “Shoot him!”
Hunter three: Making an attempt to get a transparent shot, “Hold him still!”
Joel:  Breaks free from hunter Four, picks him up and reverses the maintain.
Hunter three: Shoots, lacking Joel. Shoots twice, putting his buddy as Joel makes use of him as a defend.
Joel: Dumps the physique, flees into the subsequent room with Ellie in tow.
Hunter three: Nervously calls to hunter 2, “Hey! Go round!”
Joel: With none ammo and crouching, sneaks towards the balcony the place the hunters have been seen, whispering to Ellie “Stay down.” Applies a bandage.
Hunter 2 and three: Begin quietly in search of out Joel. Hunter three whispers, “Split up!”
Joel: Tracks again to the sooner room and hides behind the cupboard.
Ellie: Follows then strikes forward to take cowl. On seeing hunter 2 stroll previous a doorway whispers, “Joel! Over there!”
Joel: Picks up a bottle and surprises hunter three by throwing it at him then takes him down with a metallic pipe and picks up 4 revolver bullets.
Hunter 2: Unarmed, walks in on the encounter, “Shit!” He stumbles and flees.
Joel: Whispering now. “Shit”. Masses revolver, pursues hunter, sees him leap by means of a window, “There you are”. Continues the pursuit to seek out an empty room, “Where the hell’d you go?” Hears a noise, lastly corners the hunter in a hallway, “I got you now you son of a b*tch!”
Hunter 2: Leaps into the corridor, throws a Molotov cocktail at Joel and lets out an extended aggressive yell as he fees.
Joel: Reels from the flame, shoots the hunter who stumbles by way of the burning alcohol alighting his ft, shoots the hunter once more, killing him. Calls out “Ellie!?”
Ellie: “I’m here, right here.” On discovering the physique, “Oh, god!”
Joel: “I know. Let’s just get a move on.”

It’s this pure change of dialogue that basically provides to the strain and pure flip of occasions. Different vocal sounds additionally enhance the immersion significantly. The coughs, splutters and respiration of Joel, Ellie and the enemy actually set the temper and makes the gameplay really feel far more private. For instance, Joel typically gasps when there’s a shock enemy encounter and the prolonged heavy respiration throughout fight additionally provides rigidity.

Weapon sounds all carry weight, with deep gunshots, breaking planks and discarded pipes sounding good and reverb is utilized in confined areas. Delicate music performs within the background to assist set the temper. Gustavo Santaolalla, an academy award profitable composer and musician higher recognized for the soundtracks of the films Babel and Brokeback Mountain, was employed to attain the music for The Last of Us, the primary rating a reductive piece on acoustic guitar over a tribal percussion that could be very becoming of the story. Within the ambush and Gamescom trailers the music Alone and Forsaken by Hank Williams performed on the automotive stereo, and within the demos a number of brief musical items are heard:

  • A light-weight, uplifting ambient piece performs as you wander via the flooded lodge foyer
  • A brief suspenseful piece performs whenever you first encounter the hunters
  • Rhythmic bass strings heighten the strain through the opening shootout of the E3 demo and once more when the second group of hunters are heard approaching, gaining in pitch and tempo after the Molotov cocktail incident with added drums by means of the ultimate encounter
  • A solo horn, sounding oddly acquainted to that utilized in Purple Lifeless Redemption, sounds briefly within the sections after encountering the our bodies within the rest room and on the finish of the elevator shaft within the PAX demo

One can solely think about that at night time, whether or not in a constructing or an open area, the sound of approaching clickers shall be sufficient to induce panic and make our coronary heart skip a couple of beats.

The solely destructive we’ve seen with audio thus far, and it’s minor, is that the floating boards within the flooded lodge foyer use the identical sound results from Uncharted, triggering a bit of a flash-back and taking us briefly out of the brand new world in The Last of Us.

Whereas Uncharted three included a wealthy audio expertise with good dialog and sound results, The Last of Us is a step ahead in all areas – merely beautiful sound design. You’ll want a great encompass sound system or good headphones to get probably the most out of it. Time will inform if all musical scores stay as much as these in Uncharted.


Each Joel and Ellie carry backpacks that can be utilized to retailer numerous gadgets scavenged all through the sport. A crafting system has been designed in order that gadgets may be mixed and used for offensive and defensive functions. 5 elements of every sort could be carried: battery, binding, alcohol, blade, sugar, explosive, canister and the whole lot has a number of makes use of. For instance, a bandage and alcohol can be utilized to create a well being package or a Molotov cocktail.

One flashlight and bladed weapon might be carried with depleting batteries and breaking blades. The bladed weapon could be original from gadgets similar to a stick and knife. One doubtless use of the sugar element is in fashioning the smoke bomb, which can obscure imaginative and prescient and have a concussive burst. Sugar might probably even be used for attracting clickers (who from the primary trailer appear to be interested in recent blood).

To create an merchandise you choose the elements and maintain the X button. Crafting and utilizing stock happen in real-time (see Gameplay).


The Last of Us is assessed as an Motion/Survival recreation and this matches completely with the knowledge we find out about it thus far. We coated particulars about each the motion and survival points earlier on this article. In abstract you’ll be shifting via the surroundings, strolling, operating, sneaking, climbing and falling, in addition to capturing, grappling and bludgeoning opponents, scavenging for provides, weapons and ammunition, and defending Ellie. There’s a lot of participant selection and a number of subtleties that we haven’t coated to date.

The gameplay doesn’t pause if you decide up, craft or use gadgets. For instance it takes about 5 seconds to use a well being package and 10 seconds to craft and prepared a Molotov cocktail, a very long time throughout fight or whereas hiding from roaming hunters or pursuing clickers, so it is advisable rigorously think about when and the place to make use of them.

The following weapons are presently recognized:

  • 9mm pistol
  • Revolver (6 bullets)
  • Shotgun (6 shells)
  • Rifle (with scope)
  • Bow (arrows), an extended vary stealth weapon
  • Bladed weapon usual from elements
  • Metallic pipe, plank of wooden and probably different melee weapons
  • Bricks, bottles and probably different missile weapons

Focus factors, such because the exit from the raise nicely within the PAX demo, are hinted at with an eye fixed icon and use the R2 button as an alternative of the up button on the d-pad utilized in Uncharted.

Environmental puzzles will type half of the gameplay. These are more likely to be fairly a bit extra mundane than the large stone monolith creations discovered within the Uncharted collection as Joel lacks the complete Indiana Jones options of Nathan Drake. The ladder scene within the PAX trailer exhibits one instance and a shift in the direction of extra pure puzzles that slot in with the story and journey on this recreation.

The three video games within the Uncharted collection are very linear. There’s often solely a single clearly outlined path to comply with and, whereas being fantastically introduced, limits participant selection. The Last of Us takes a barely totally different strategy. Being pushed by a cinematic story there are “pitch points”, key story parts that each participant will undergo however ND are utilizing the phrase “wide linear” to explain the motion and exploration choices. What this implies is that there are sometimes a number of paths via a degree, albeit probably in shut proximity, with areas off the primary path to make use of as an alternate route or locations to discover and scavenge for gadgets. Taking the E3 and PAX demos for instance, the varied home windows and hallways present alternate paths, the ladder puzzle and elevator hassle “pitch points” and the various rooms and different areas locations to discover and scavenge. This can sluggish the tempo, growing play-through time, and improve the sensation of attachment to the reclaimed world.

All through the sport Joel shall be educating Ellie new expertise like learn how to use a spread of weapons. It isn’t but clear if this can be completed via gameplay or merely advised in cut-scenes.

Though Naughty Canine have revealed that there shall be some type of multiplayer in The Last of Us they haven’t revealed any particular info aside from they’re engaged on a spread of concepts and that it’s unlikely to be co-op. We will think about although, enjoying survivors vs. hunters, take the bridge and clicker horde mode.

It isn’t recognized if there might be collectible gadgets to seek out all through the sport just like the treasures in Uncharted.


Whereas we now have solely seen a glimpse of it thus far we do know that The Last of Us could be very closely story targeted as ND have commented in a number of interviews that story and character buy-in are key points of the sport.

The complete recreation is about over the course of a yr, with Joel and Ellie’s journey taking them from the East Coast to the West Coast, with a number of time skips and seasonal modifications and accommodates some very emotional moments.

We don’t know the full size of the cut-scenes however it’s more likely to be up there with the two-odd hours of Uncharted three. Within the Uncharted collection fairly a bit of story is informed via in-game commentary from the primary characters and others that you simply overhear, and that is being elevated in The Last of Us in addition to the addition of interactive story parts, activated with the triangle button, that interact Joel and Ellie in a number of strains of dialogue to offer extra back-story and an perception into their character and motivations.

At New York Comedian Con Naughty Canine revealed that Ellie’s story shall be advised via a Four-part prequel of digital comedian books with the primary difficulty launched together with the launch of the sport in Spring (March-June) 2013.

How properly written the general story is and how properly it matches inside the gameplay is but to be seen.


It’s excellent information thus far. Individually the enhancements are usually not revolutionary however the sheer quantity of them and the general polish is superb. The complete The Last Of Us group must be extremely recommended for the eye to element displayed thus far and the course that this title is taking.

Time will inform if the standard demonstrated is constant all through the sport and if the general story holds up however that is most undoubtedly a recreation so as to add to your watch listing. Anticipate it round Q2, 2013.