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Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #1 Review

Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #1 Review

With Spider-Gwen’s rising reputation, being a part of the Marvel Rising advertising and her upcoming position within the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse film there was no means Marvel would let her go too lengthy with no new ongoing. Not lengthy after her earlier ongoing got here to an finish she obtained a model new collection within the type of Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider. From all of the advertising it seems like Ghost Spider can be Spider-Gwen’s official superhero identify going ahead. Whereas I’m excited to see how that transitions occurs I enter this primary difficulty with a little bit of trepidation as the primary story arc of this collection will tie into the Spider-Geddon occasion. Since I’m not studying Spider-Geddon I’m wondering how pleasant this concern might be for these not studying the Spider-Man occasion or are new readers. Let’s discover by testing with Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #1.

Author: Seanan McGuire

Artist: Rosi Kampe

Colorist: Ian Herring

Story Score: 6 Night time Women out of 10

Artwork Score: 7 Night time Women out of 10

General Score: 6.5 Night time Women out of 10

Synopsis: On Earth-65, whereas wanting over the town Gwen Stacy displays on how a lot could be discovered from spiders.

Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #1 Review

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She then places on her Spider-Lady masks and begins swinging by way of the town. As she does Gwen remembers how enjoyable it’s to swing round.

Spider-Lady runs into somebody getting robbed. The muggers are stunned to see Spider-Lady out of jail. Spider-Lady stated she served her time and tells them to determine on what they’ll do subsequent.

The muggers assault Spider-Lady. Spider-Lady simply webs two of the three muggers whereas the third will get away.

The lady she thanks Spider-Lady for saving her and cleansing the town from the Hand. Spider-Lady tells the lady to name the cops as a result of she needs to go seize a burger.

Whereas swinging by means of the town Spider-Lady spots Harry Osborn. Gwen modifications again into her road garments and rushes over to hug Harry. Harry gives to purchase Gwen dinner.

At a diner Gwen reveals she’s been out of jail for 52 days and mentions how MJ and the others talked to her about full disclosure on every thing. Gwen confess whereas she doesn’t like speaking about it she has accepted that tremendous powered individuals should face the results for his or her actions identical to a traditional individual. She goes on to say that she is now looking for a stability for the place Spider-Lady ends and Gwen Stacy begins. Harry says that the town hasn’t been the identical with out her.

Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #1 Review

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Gwen out of the blue spots Spider-Ham throughout the road and says she has to go.

Spider-Lady meets up with Spider-Ham. Spider-Ham reveals that the Inheritors have returned and confirmed up in the primary Marvel Universe. Spider-Ham then prompts his dimensional teleporter.

Whereas teleporting Spider-Lady experiences the visions of the Inheritors killing a model of Spider-Man. When she exits the portal Spider-Lady crashes in an alleyway.

Gwen modifications into her road garments and tries to seek out somebody that may assist her restore her teleporter. She spots an Oscorp flyer and begrudgingly decides to go there for assist.

Altering again into her costume Spider-Lady arrives outdoors Oscorp. Whereas scoping the place out she finds it seems to be prefer it has been deserted for years.

Spider-Lady is instantly attacked by a Purple Goblin. The Pink Goblin says that Spider-Lady is trespassing and throws a number of pumpkin bombs at her. As Spider-Lady will get annoyed by the costant bomb barrage Gwen’s Venom symbiote begins resurfacing.

Gwen is ready to maintain the Venom symbiote at bay. She then launches a counterattack towards Purple Goblin and webs her to her glider. As Spider-Lady is about to punch Pink Goblin somebody tells her to attend. Spider-Lady pulls her punch again, giving Purple Goblin sufficient time to flee.

Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #1 Review

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Peter Parker of that universe asks Spider-Lady what she is doing at Oscorp. Gwen figures that if there’s a Peter Parker there should have been a Gwen Stacy who doubtless died on this unknown universe. Gwen takes off her masks and divulges her id a lot to Peter’s shock. Finish of concern.

The Good: Seanan McGuire does a superb job in choosing up the place the earlier quantity of this collection left off to kick issues off in Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #1. Whereas the tie-in to Spider-Geddon proves to be the weak spot of this concern McGuire is essentially capable of keep away from making issues complicating. McGuire avoids that by ensuring this difficulty emphasised what makes Gwen Stacy such a compelling character.

Opening issues up with Gwen Stacy returning to New York Metropolis was the correct name. With every part that occurred together with her stopping Matt Murdock, the Hand and going to jail Gwen wanted a reset. Seeing how this challenge we opened with Gwen’s return to NYC it gave the concept she was giving herself a recent begin as Spider-Lady.

On the similar time due to what that occurred it was good to see Gwen nonetheless in search of what she ought to do subsequent. It confirmed that Gwen can’t simply merely return to how issues have been earlier than like nothing occurred. Everybody is aware of that she is Spider-Lady now and that may be a main change. Gwen questioning when she could be a regular individual and when she is a superhero is a robust start line for this collection to launch from.

Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #1 Review

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This confirmed that Spider-Gwen is a personality that’s evolving and won’t simply be reset with every new artistic. Provided that McGuire and Marvel are protecting Spider-Gwen in her personal universe this emphasised how she is a singular place in comparison with Peter Parker and Miles Morales. And since she is preserving her established continuity it signifies that she should reside with the rewards and penalties of her selections.

McGuire did an excellent job establishing how Gwen does take pleasure in being Spider-Lady. Whereas preserving her life a secret was affecting Gwen’s relationships when she is Spider-Lady gave her a function in her younger life. Whether or not its small issues like saving individuals from muggers or defeating villains, Gwen is now thanked as a result of individuals know who the lady behind the Spider-Lady masks is.

On the similar time this has additionally brought about Gwen to query when she will flip off being a superhero. As a result of as nice as it’s to get the acclaim she nonetheless needs to reside a traditional life. That’s one thing she will’t do proper now as a result of she doesn’t know how you can stability the 2 but. And it was already troublesome for her to stability her regular and superhero life earlier than everybody knew. Now she has to determine if she will simply stroll round usually when her buddies and the general public know what Gwen is doing when she isn’t round.

Bringing in Harry Osborn to have Gwen tackle this was a great way to re-establish their friendship. With how Gwen feels she has others taking a look at her in another way she wants somebody to only be her pal. Positioning Harry on this method opens up the chance to discover what their friendship is like and not using a Peter Parker round.

Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #1 Review

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Whereas I didn’t care a lot for the Spider-Geddon tie-in a part of Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #1 the ending did hook me. What made the ending with Gwen revealing her id to the Peter Parker of the universe she ended up in was the truth that it doesn’t appear to be this Peter seemed like an older model from Earth-65. With Peter’s shock response it does appear to be Gwen was proper that this universe’s Gwen Stacy is lifeless or totally different by some means. That response alone offers loads of curiosity in how their interplay will go within the subsequent difficulty alone.

Rosi Kampe delivered some nice wanting paintings in Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #1. The paintings was clear and obtained throughout the how Gwen was far more cheerful as Spider-Lady than she was earlier than. Kampe additionally was capable of present how conflicted Gwen at present is thru her expressions as she tries to discover a stability in her life.

The Dangerous: As a lot as I loved Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #1 the difficulty was confronted with a number of issues. The most important one is the very fact it isn’t new reader pleasant. The impression of Gwen Stacy’s present established order on Earth-65 utterly depends on the reader understanding what occurred within the earlier quantity of Spider-Gwen. Whereas followers of the earlier quantity will recognize the continuity being stored it should lose readers since McGuire is obscure about Gwen’s jail time and taking down the Hand. Future points might want to fill within the holes or else this collection will lose new readers coming into Spider-Gwen’s universe after her appearances in Marvel Rising and Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse.

Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #1 Review

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Not filling in these holes made sure features of this difficulty not hit as they need to have. It notably harm that McGuire was not capable of present us the connection Gwen has together with her supporting forged. With out scenes with MJ, her father or different associates Gwen’s present established order is hard to wrap your thoughts round.

It’s in these situations that confirmed the truth that half of the Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #1 being devoted to the Spider-Geddon occasion harm this challenge probably the most. With solely seven pages to dedicate to Gwen’s present established order there was a sense that McGuire ran out of time to arrange the world she needed to. The minimal web page rely was disappointing as a result of probably the most fascinating issues that did occur on this challenge concerned the story informed in Earth-65.

This pressured tie-in to Spider-Geddon additionally makes it really feel like readers have to spend $20 to truly perceive what’s going on with Spider-Gwen. That isn’t useful for a brand new month-to-month ongoing collection that’s trying to develop its viewers. If Marvel needs to construct goodwill with the reader for his or her ongoings they should cease this as a result of will probably be a serious turn-off to most readers who’re on a finances. And as McGuire proved within the first seven pages of Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #1 this Spider-Geddon was not wanted to create curiosity on this new collection.

Making the Spider-Geddon tie-in worse was the truth that there was completely no character to the brand new Goblin that Spider-Gwen went up towards. The one character to talk of with this new Goblin was that she couldn’t cease smiling. Outdoors of that the Goblin Spider-Gwen fights is even plainer than vanilla ice cream. For this primary story arc to succeed McGuire might want to add depth to this new Goblin to make the Spider-Geddon tie-in really feel value all the difficulty.

Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #1 Review

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It was additionally odd that although Ghost Spider appears to be the brand new identify Marvel is having Spider-Gwen go by there was no point out of the brand new superhero id. McGuire didn’t even tease Gwen altering her superhero identify. Gwen simply appeared completely fantastic persevering with to be the Spider-Lady of Earth-65. And since she isn’t going via a fancy dress change or is sad with the identify it doesn’t make sense she would need to go by something aside from Spider-Lady.

General: Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #1 is a comic book that may’ve been nice if Marvel didn’t pressure it to be tied into certainly one of their huge occasions. From the story Seanan McGuire created within the first seven pages of this difficulty there’s a lot to be compelled about Spider-Gwen’s present established order. Sadly the pointless Spider-Geddon tie-in harm Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider launch problem. Due to that it’s robust to advocate this comedian to anybody besides these studying the Spider-Geddon occasion.