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How to Become a Flight Attendant

flight attendant

When the aircraft cabin rumbles and also you clutch your armrest a little tighter, the place do you flip for that reassuring smile? Flight attendants, the key heroes on airplanes all over the place, all the time understand how to make you are feeling comfortable. They multitask as caregivers, customer support professionals and safety brokers suddenly. Gracious smiles accompany security demonstrations. Serving to arms are all the time on the prepared for assist with cumbersome, overhead baggage. They unfold pleasure with in-flight snacks and all the time have carry a few corny airplane jokes of their again pocket. Flight attendants get to see the entire world for work. The remainder of us solely dream of it.

Right here’s how to turn out to be a flight attendant.

flight attendantflight attendant

What does a flight attendant do?

  • Communicates with captain about climate circumstances, security particulars and flight specifics comparable to turbulence or flight period
  • Inspects the plane cabin earlier than takeoff
  • Assists passengers that require further assist in the course of the boarding course of
  • Offers pleasant greetings and parting salutations earlier than departures and after landings
  • Screens passengers in the course of the flight
  • Administers security demonstrations and temporary passengers on emergency protocol
  • Ensures the security and luxury of passengers throughout a flight
  • Distributes drinks and meals to passengers
  • If crucial, guides passengers to security throughout an emergency and administers first-aid

What does it take to develop into a flight attendant?

Flight attendants want not more than a GED so as to land a job. Nevertheless, school programs or levels in hospitality, public relations, communication and tourism can put you forward of a pile of candidates with out that information. Widespread programs embrace a web-based coaching course at Inflight Institute and the Pan Am Worldwide Flight Academy.

Since you’ll cope with passengers all day day by day, expertise within the customer support subject helps you slap on that smile for the occasional impolite buyer. Employers have a tendency to additionally lean in the direction of candidates which have a few years of labor within the customer support subject. Make use of that heat beam that you simply often save for cute strangers on the road and the overly-positive angle that solely your previous academics obtained to see. Little actions and efforts are utilized by employers as telltale indicators to your character, so follow that just-got-my-braces-off grin.

All flight attendants obtain coaching from their employer as soon as employed. It will earn you a certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to grow to be absolutely eligible to work, so whip out these previous note-taking and research habits. Your certificates is ready for you to go seize it.

What ought to you recognize about turning into a flight attendant?

1. What revenue will I earn as a flight attendant?

In accordance to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, some flight attendants could make as little as 26,0000 Nevertheless, via expertise and seniority, attendants transfer up the ranks and ultimately obtain salaries starting from $25,000 to $55,000 a yr, with the very best 10 % of flight attendants incomes greater than $79,000 a yr.

2. How a lot will I be anticipated to work as a flight attendant?

Due to their schedule, flight attendants should stay fiercely unbiased and very versatile. Schedules range drastically. You by no means know when a storm will delay your flight again house or an overlay prevents you from reuniting with your loved ones. Know that engaged on holidays, nights and weekends may be quite common, and anticipate lengthy, grueling shifts.

Weeks cut up into three days of labor with 4 days off. Shifts vary from 12 to 14 hours (with a minimal of 9 hours off-time between scheduling), however do prolong past that for worldwide flights. They take as many as two or three flights a day. In accordance to the BLS, flight attendants, on common, spend anyplace between 75 to 100 hours per week up within the air on flights and on location, after which about 50 hours at their airport base. We advocate having the nanny and plant-sitters on velocity dial.

three. What is going to my work setting be like?

The tender hum of an airplane’s cabin will grow to be the background noise to your life as a flight attendant. Virtually all of their work time is spent within the clouds, about 7.5 miles away from the Earth under. When attendants aren’t excessive above us on land, they work on their base or touchdown location. The frantic buzz of an airport throughout rush hour or the tender quiet of lodge flooring substitute the workplace cubicle drones that nine-to-fivers face each morning.

Flight attendants additionally may need to relocate completely. It’s obligatory. For some, uprooting a life looks like an inconceivable feat. For others, shoving all of your worldly possessions into a suitcase and hopping on the subsequent practice to your new base looks like a dream come true. It is going to be your selection when you wave goodbye to your previous house or wave goodbye to a job alternative.

four. What do I want to find out about the way forward for the flight attendant career?

The way forward for flight attendants’ profession prospects at present flies excessive. In accordance to the Bureau of Labor of Statistics, an anticipated 10 % progress price within the subsequent 10 years appears like the longer term for the sector. The necessity for flight attendants will increase steadily as a result of aircrafts hold making an attempt to improve the dimensions of planes to seat extra passengers.

Three key expertise you want to turn out to be a flight attendant

airplane at nightairplane at night

1. Constructive angle

Because the thousandth man struggles to get his large suitcase into the overhead storage unit or impatient passengers demand refills by furiously shaking empty cups at you, you want to plaster on that a “warm” smile. Keep in mind to breathe, smile and stay calm and picked up even within the face of noisy infants that anger different passengers. Any customer support place calls for positivity and friendliness to all clients. And within the case of planes, impolite flight attendants simply might go viral. Don’t do something you wouldn’t need the web to see.

2. Degree head

Flight attendants want to hold their cool. A relaxed and reassuring character is required whether or not one passenger sat in one other’s window seat or all of the oxygen masks popped out of their compartments, you want to act prefer it didn’t faze you. Battle administration and nice management expertise come into play throughout tense conditions 20,000 ft above the bottom. Flight attendants want nerves of metal and hearts of lions. Because the leaders throughout emergency landings and because the quick-thinkers throughout passenger squabbles, one that is clear: They’re the true heroes of any flight.

three. Security Consciousness

Flight attendants want an eye fixed for hazard and a reliable intestine. They need to know when and the way to spot hassle earlier than it manifests into a full-fledged difficulty. The highest precedence of each flight attendant is passenger security. Maintain a band-aid holder clipped onto your belt and people CPR expertise prepared to go. Briefly: Be certain that your mom-voice is properly versed.

Extra expertise you want to turn into a flight attendant embrace:

● Empathy
● Nice communication expertise
● Attentiveness
● Teamwork
● Flexibility
● Punctuality
● Fast decision-making expertise
● Bodily Stamina


“Some people don’t know the stress of being on call 24/7 as a flight attendant (reserve). On my working days, I’ll be on call, so it’s tough to navigate making plans with friends or family when I might have to hop on a flight to Mumbai at a moment’s notice. It’s an unpredictable lifestyle.” – Olivia Okoro, Flight Attendant at United Airways

“Times have changed for flight attendants. People used to come in dressed to the nines. I used to have to wear girdles! Those were the days of pantyhose and miniskirts. I once had to go buy pointy-toed heels for my flight because my square-toed shoes weren’t allowed. Nowadays, people fly in their pajamas. Some things are still the same, though. You have to like people. I had to talk to everyone. Make them feel relaxed. People would be too scared to fly, or on their way to a funeral, leaving an exam, some just got fired from their jobs. You have to sympathize with them. It also takes a toll on your body. Working nights and having an unpredictable schedule can impact you a lot more than you know. I couldn’t get pregnant. When I messed up my knee and had to stay home, that’s when I got pregnant. The wonderful thing about it was that I got to choose where to go. I got to learn and absorb about so many different cultures. I used to haggle with locals to get good deals on things. Once, while flying from Spain to San Juan, I received a love letter from a passenger. The poem ended sadly though, as he mentioned the wedding band on my finger in the closing lines. My husband, Mark, was the flight purser. When we’d land, our airline gave us separate rooms. That made my room the free one. So, it became the party room. We used to use the bidets to chill the alcohol. You don’t miss the flying, but the comraderie. Those were good times.” – Donna Valdes, Former Flight Attendant at Pan American World Airways (24 years) and Delta Air Strains (17 years).

“Being a flight attendant is the best experience work ever. You get to know new people. New cultures and they most important is a fun job providing safety to amazing customers. As a flight attendant, we change people’s lives. We have customers flying for different circumstances and with our smile, we can change their mood.” – Stephany Jaquez, Flight Attendant at Delta Air Strains

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