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Doomsday Clock #8 Review – Comic Book Revolution

DC Comics Doomsday Clock #8 Review

DC Comics Doomsday Clock #8 Review

We’ve beloved Doomsday Clock right here at The Revolution. Johns has been persistently delivering a meticulously crafted and sophisticated learn with every problem. I’m assured that Doomsday Clock #eight might be one other richly written learn. Having stated that, we’re quickly approaching the top of this collection and Johns has a ton left to stuff into these remaining 5 points. Hopefully, Doomsday Clock #eight delivers loads of plot development. Let’s go forward and hit this evaluation.

Phrases: Geoff Johns
Artwork: Gary Frank
Colours: Brad Anderson

Story Score: 7 Night time Women out of 10
Artwork Score: 9 Night time Women out of 10
General Score: eight Night time Women out of 10

Synopsis: We start with Ozymandias within the Oval Workplace taking a look at a file. Ozymandias says that this file will do properly.

We jump over to the Day by day Planet. Lois is complaining to Clark that somebody went by means of her desk. Jimmy Olsen exhibits up with orange juice for Lois. Jimmy apologizes for forgetting to get one thing for Clark. Lois complains that the orange juice is just not recent squeezed. Jimmy says they have been out of recent squeezed and that he needed to improvise and get one thing like Tang for Lois. (First, that is boring and a time waster. Second, Lois comes throughout like a spoiled bitch. Third, Tang rocks.)

Perry storms over and yells that he needs one thing from Lois concerning the metahuman conspiracy involving the American authorities. Abruptly, information breaks over the TV that Firestorm attacked Russia and their group The Individuals’s Heroes. Clark says that Firestorm consists of Ronnie Raymond and Dr. Stein. Clark says that Ronnie is an effective child, however he does have a mood. Perry yells out which of his reporters need to go to Moscow to cowl this information. Clark and Lois each volunteer.

We minimize to Firestorm battling The Individuals’s Heroes. In the course of the battle Firestorm will get knocked to the bottom. A big group of Russian residents all rush Firestorm and begin attacking him. Firestorm begins freaking out and yells for them to let go. Firestorm then erupts in an enormous flame burst. We then see that all the crowd of civilians have been reworked into glass. Firestorm freaks out and says that he didn’t imply to try this. Firestorm then flees the scene.

We hop again to the Day by day Planet. Jimmy asks if Firestorm simply killed all the civilians. Lois asks Clark if what they’re seeing is definitely actual. Lois seems over and sees that Clark has left the scene.

We minimize to Superman arriving in Kahndaq. The Creeper watches Superman arrive. Gigantic then leads Superman to Black Adam in his throne room. The 2 males shake palms. (Yeah, this took two pages.)

DC Comics Doomsday Clock #8 Review

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Black Adam and Superman stroll round Black Adam’s headquarters. We’re launched to a boy named Sandstorm who used his powers to animate sand with a view to shield different youngsters like him who have been fleeing Syria. Black Adam says that the Russian backed Assad is liable for the deaths of youngsters in Syria.

Black Adam says that each one metahumans are welcome in Kahndaq. even Firestorm. Superman says that he needs to speak to Firestorm. Black Adam says that Firestorm just isn’t in Kahndaq now. Black Adam says that Superman can’t belief the People or the Russians. Black Adam says that the Superman Concept is true. That there are metahumans in Kahndaq who have been part of that program. Black Adam says that folks with the facility to vary it should act. Black Adam says that Superman just isn’t a type of individuals as a result of Superman is only a glorified firefighter with a cape.

Superman tells Black Adam to observe how he talks to him. Superman says that Black Adam is breaking the regulation when he crosses the borders into different nations and carries out his personal model of justice. Superman tells Black Adam to remain in his personal nation. Black Adam says that when Superman finds Firestorm to inform Firestorm that he’s welcome in Kahndaq. Superman then flies off.

We hop again to the Day by day Planet. Lois is at her desk. She finds a package deal with no return handle on it. In it’s a small USB drive. Lois plugs it into her pc. A video begins enjoying. It’s a information report from World Struggle II concerning the Justice Society of America. (HELL YES!!!!) Lois seems to be on the display in confusion and wonders who within the hell is the Justice Society of America.

We reduce to Superman arriving at a distant location in Russia. Firestorm is hiding in an deserted constructing. Firestorm retains making an attempt to rework a toddler from glass again into flesh. Firestorm retains failing. Firestorm screams out for Dr. Stein to assist him work out how you can repair every thing.

Superman approaches Firestorm and asks him what occurred. Ronnie tells Dr. Stein that they will belief Superman. As a result of everybody can. Ronnie says that he can transmute parts. However, that his powers have by no means been capable of have an effect on something natural. Till now.

Superman says that Firestorm did it as soon as and may do it once more and switch the individuals from glass again into flesh. Superman says that perhaps Firestorm’s powers are evolving. Superman says that he has religion in Firestorm.

Firestorm agrees to attempt once more. Firestorm warns Superman that he may detonate. Superman says that he’s not leaving Firestorm. Superman says that he shall be fantastic. Firestorm then transforms the boy from glass again into flesh. Superman tells Firestorm that the opposite Russian civilians who have been became glass are going to be okay. Firestorm thanks Superman.

We zip again to Russia. We see Putin addressing the media. Putin says that the linchpin of worldwide safety has been the stability between the 2 nuclear tremendous powers (American and Russia) protecting one another in examine. However, that stability has been destroyed. Putin says that the USA has been amassing a military of metahumans covertly for greater than a decade. Putin says that Russia is at conflict with America.

DC Comics Doomsday Clock #8 Review

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Out of the blue, Superman arrives on the scene. Superman tells Putin that he’s right here to assist. Superman says that he’s not right here to cross judgment. That he’s right here to ask everybody to belief him. Superman says what Firestorm did was an accident. However, it may be undone.

Superman says that his residence world of Krypton didn’t survive as a result of a council couldn’t agree. They might not come collectively to attempt to reserve it. We reduce to Batman in his Batship. Batman is watching Superman speaking on the media occasion in Russia. Superman says that the Superman Principle has unfold worry and hatred all through the world.

Batman asks what the hell Superman is doing. Batman then radios Superman and tells him to cease speaking. Batman tells Superman to maintain his mouth shut and to not decide a aspect. Superman ignores Batman and says to the media that the demonization of metahumans is flawed. That Firestorm is just not a villain. That Firestorm can change the Russian residents again into flesh.

Putin interrupts and says that Firestorm attacked Russia and its individuals. Firestorm then seems on the scene and is holding the Russian boy. Firestorm says that he can repair the issue and switch the civilians again into flesh.

A Russian soldier will get jumpy and fires a couple of bullets at Firestorm and the Russian boy. Superman dashes in entrance of the bullets to guard the Russian boy. The bullets bounce off of Superman and shatters the glass physique of one of many Russian civilians.

Firestorm yells that the Russian soldier is killing the glass civilians. Firestorm blasts the soldier’s rifle. This causes The Individuals’s Heroes to assault Firestorm and Superman. Putin is then evacuated from the scene. Russian tanks then transfer in to assault Superman and Firestorm. The Russian tanks mow over a number of of the glass figures of the Russian civilians.

Superman screams out, “No!” Superman knocks over one of many Russian tanks. We minimize to Lois watching the occasions on a TV with the reporter stating that Superman is attacking the Russian army. Lois is terrified. We minimize to Batman in his Batship. Batman curses on the occasions.

We reduce to Firestorm and Superman preventing off the Russian army. Firestorm says that he can’t repair the civilians who’ve been shattered by the Russian army. Firestorm screams, Why “wouldn’t you listen to me?!” Firestorm begins dropping management as hearth spreads out of him.

We see Batman in his Batship racing towards Moscow. Batman tells Superman that the power readings are spiking in Moscow. Superman tells Firestorm to maintain management and settle down. Firestorm says that he’s okay. Batman then screams that the power readings usually are not Firestorm.

We out of the blue see an enormous flash of sunshine like an atomic bomb exploding. It wipes out Moscow and Batman’s ship. We minimize to Lois because the TV feed from Moscow goes lifeless. We reduce to Ozymandias watching the occasions in Moscow on a number of TV screens. All the screens go lifeless. Ozymandias says, “Yes. It begins.” Finish of story.

DC Comics Doomsday Clock #8 Review

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We then get a couple of additional pages that present headlines from the Metropolis Occasions and Metropolis At the moment about Superman taking a stand for the flawed aspect and attacking the Russian army.

We then get a web page with the duvet of the Every day Planet reporting that Superman is lacking. The report wonders if Superman was the reason for the photo voltaic flare that worn out Moscow. Finish of challenge.

The Good: Doomsday Clock #eight is one other meticulously crafted difficulty. Johns delivers some wonderful character work, properly crafted dialogue, spectacular world constructing, and wraps all of it up with an extremely dramatic hook ending.

The character work and the dialogue are simply the 2 biggest strengths of Doomsday Clock #eight. Johns shows such a powerful really feel for the primary characters on this concern. Doomsday Clock has a sample of specializing in just some characters with every situation. Whereas this results in critical pacing points, it does permit Johns to delve deeply into the few characters and ship some unimaginable character work.

Superman and Firestorm take middle stage with Doomsday Clock #eight. These are two characters that Johns loves and respects deeply. Johns has a superb information of each character’s continuities in addition to each character’s core character traits.

Johns’ Superman is all the time a pleasure to learn. And Doomsday Clock #eight is not any exception. Johns understands Superman’s character higher than another author at DC. Johns simply will get it and all the time nails that good imaginative and prescient of Superman. Johns’ Superman is robust, honorable, reliable, but in addition agency and fearless within the face of these with whom he opposes.

DC Comics Doomsday Clock #8 Review

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Johns exhibits the tender and caring aspect of Superman with the scene the place Superman finds Firestorm in hiding. This was such a splendidly crafted scene. Superman’s compassion and his potential to encourage Firestorm to do the seemingly unimaginable highlights Superman’s inspirational position inside the DCU. This was such an extremely efficient scene.

Johns additionally exhibits Superman’s honorable aspect as he provides his speech in Moscow. Superman by no means shies away from standing up for what he issues is true. This additionally performs into the aspirational facet of Superman’s character inside the DCU.

However, Johns additionally exhibits the agency and fearless aspect of Superman, too. IN the scene with Superman and Black Adam, Johns successfully exhibits that Superman could also be well mannered, however he won’t take shit from anybody. Black Adam is clearly chest thumping and posturing in entrance of Superman. Superman’s easy response of “Careful, Adam. I didn’t get my workout in today.” was absolute perfection.

Johns is ready to present how Superman is just not one to be impolite or trash speak. Johns perceive Superman’s want to deal with issues the well mannered and diplomatic means. However, this doesn’t imply that Superman is meek and delicate. Superman’s tempered response to Black Adam nailed Superman’s agency and fearless nature. Johns is aware of that Superman doesn’t have to flex and beat his chest. That Superman himself speaks for what he’s able to doing if crossed.

I’ve by no means been a lot of a fan of Superman. However, I’m when Johns writes Superman’s character. It’s simply feels so proper. Johns makes Superman a personality that you just can’t assist however to admire and recognize.

Johns additionally nails it with Firestorm’s character. Johns has all the time like Ronnie Raymond’s character. Personally, I’ve all the time been a fan of Ronnie Raymond. I’m thrilled to see Firestorm lastly getting some panel time. Ronnie is a wonderful character who deserves extra consideration within the DCU.

DC Comics Doomsday Clock #8 Review

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Johns has a superb really feel for Ronnie’s character. Ronnie Raymond is an effective child who all the time tried exhausting, however typically falls sufferer to his mood or his youthful exuberance. Johns understands this stability and delivers an exquisite Ronnie Raymond.

The scene the place Firestorm transforms the Russian civilians into glass was beautiful. This was fairly the twist on Firestorm’s powers. Firestorm has by no means been capable of transmute natural materials. This new wrinkle to his powers is fairly intriguing. I’m wanting ahead to seeing the place Johns takes this plot-line.

The scene with Firestorm and Superman within the deserted constructing is gorgeous. Ronnie’s frustration and sorrow over not with the ability to rework the boy again into flesh. The emotion in that scene was palpable.

Johns additionally did a superb job with Black Adam’s character. That is additionally no shock provided that Johns loves Black Adam’s character, too. Johns nails the haughty and regal nature of Black Adam. I dig how Black Adam was agitating in his scene with Superman.

I additionally loved Johns’ Batman. Although Batman solely seems within the last scene he nonetheless is written very properly. Johns nails Batman’s blunt and terse fashion dialogue. Solely Batman can get away with speaking to Superman in that method.

Johns additionally whips up loads of wonderful dialogue. Every of the characters have their very own distinctive exterior voice. The robust character work and properly crafted dialogue mix to offer for some wonderful chemistry between the varied characters. That is evident within the electrical energy within the pressure between Superman and Black Adam. It’s equally evident within the extra compassionate and emotional scene between Superman and Firestorm.

DC Comics Doomsday Clock #8 Review

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In fact, the spotlight of Doomsday Clock #eight was the one web page scene with Lois viewing the video footage of the actual Justice Society of America. I’m an enormous fan of the Justice Society of America. I’ve been ready for this second ever because the debacle generally known as the New 52 started.

The New 52 was rife with silly concepts. One in every of them was the trashing of the Justice Society of America from DC’s continuity. Properly, it seems to be like Johns is lastly going to rectify this drawback as a continued push of his Rebirth initiative. It’s about rattling time. I’m greater than excited to see the place Johns takes this plot-line. There isn’t a doubt that there isn’t any different author extra certified for the duty of bringing again the Justice Society of America than Johns. No author at DC loves or understands the JSA greater than Geoff Johns.

DC Comics Doomsday Clock #8 Review

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The ultimate eleven pages of Doomsday Clock #eight are spectacular. There isn’t any doubt that Johns is an skilled on delivering highly effective remaining scenes with unimaginable hook endings. Johns brilliantly assemble the ultimate elven pages using efficient fast cuts between Lois, Superman/Firestorm, and Batman. This helps to construct pressure that culminates in a surprising and chilling ending.

I’m curious to study extra about what Ozymandias is as much as with the huge explosion in Moscow. There are solely 4 points left on this huge occasion and Johns is definitely setting every little thing up for a wild end.

Gary Frank’s paintings has been spectacular throughout this complete huge occasion and Doomsday Clock #eight is not any exception. This can be a beautiful wanting concern. Frank is ready to ship highly effective facial expressions that inject a lot life into Johns’ script. Frank completely recreates the vibe of the Watchmen in beautiful style. Frank’s artwork is completely worthy of an enormous occasion.

The Dangerous: The Achilles’ heel to Doomsday Clock #eight is the pacing. This difficulty is a sluggish and plodding learn. Johns delivers such a really decompressed problem that gives the reader little or no plot development in any respect. Johns solely presents the reader with a few half a problem of precise content material. The remaining is such filler.

Johns begins the difficulty with a one web page scene of Ozymandias as much as one thing sneaky within the Oval Workplace. There’s actually nothing to this scene. Then there’s a three web page scene on the Day by day Planet that was principally about orange juice and tang and recycling what we already knew concerning the Superman Concept. 4 pages into the difficulty and the reader has not been given something of substance.

Johns then delivers the three web page scene with Firestorm in Moscow and turning the gang to glass. This units up the plot gadget to result in the climactic ending. It was an okay scene that felt a bit shallow and too lengthy.

Johns then burns a whole web page displaying us Clark Kent leaving the Every day Planet. This was a panel value of content material stretched over a whole web page.

DC Comics Doomsday Clock #8 Review

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Johns then wastes a whole web page displaying Superman arriving in Khandaq. This was pure filler. Once more, a single panel stretched out over one web page. Then Johns wastes a whole web page displaying Superman strolling to Black Adam. Yup. That’s it. Simply strolling. These two pages have been blatant stalling by Johns. He took what was perhaps three panels and fluffed it into two complete pages.

We then get a two web page scene with Black Adam and Superman speaking in repetitive style about how Khandaq is residence for any metahuman. Once more, that is nothing new. We already had this info. These previous 4 pages set in Khandaq have been largely a waste. Johns in all probability didn’t even have to conclude these pages within the problem. And if he felt compelled to take action then it might have been achieved in a web page or two at most.

Johns then delivers the one web page scene with Lois and the Justice Society of America. Hey! One thing new! Actual plot development! Yay!

Johns then burns a shocking 4 pages for a pep speak from Superman and Firestorm turning the Russian boy again into flesh. Sure, it was nice character work. It was additionally a lot fluff.

We then get the ultimate eleven pages of the difficulty. That is the actual meat of Doomsday Clock #eight. These 11 pages plus the 1 web page of Lois and the JSA is the one actual content material in any respect that we get on this concern. The opposite half of this challenge is pure filler.

DC Comics Doomsday Clock #8 Review

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The three additional pages included in Doomsday Clock #eight are unimpressive. The extras are relatively shallow and missing within the unimaginable element and content material that we’ve got gotten within the earlier seven problems with Doomsday Clock.

The plotting on this situation was additionally a disappointment. Johns hits the pause button on each single plot line apart from the Superman Principle. And what Johns provides us with the Superman Concept isn’t something new in any respect. The one precise new content material the reader will get are the ultimate two pages and the one web page scene with Lois watching the Justice Society of America video.

General: I loved Doomsday Clock #eight for what it delivered: wonderful character work, nice dialogue, and a riveting last scene. Nevertheless, the poor pacing and lack of a lot new content material and actual plot development harm this challenge. There are solely 4 points left on this massive occasion and it seems like Johns nonetheless has a ton of floor to cowl in a small period of time.

Having stated that, Doomsday Clock #eight continues to be a lovingly crafted story. To make certain, Doomsday Clock goes to be an excellent learn when delivered in a collected format. Regardless of the few defects with Doomsday Clock #eight, the very fact stays that Doomsday Clock continues to be simply one of the best out of the 5 massive occasions that DC and Marvel are at present publishing.